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Grow your own Healthy and Tasty Food in our GIFT Garden (Greater Noida Initiative for Tasty Garden) and get it delivered fresh weekly.

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To support the Indian farmer, we also deliver PGS Certified Organic Vegetables twice weekly. You can also grow your own chemical free vegetables in our farm through GIFT Garden Initiative.

Greater Noida Initiative For Tasty Garden

Horsesking Organic, located in Greater Noida, has taken the initiative to help grow tasty kitchen gardens across its 1+ acre farming land. Through our unique idea of ‘GIFT Garden,’ we aim to invite as many people as possible in growing food for themselves and becoming self-sufficient.

By providing services and resources like- clean equipment, land, seeds and knowledge- our community of farmers and workers will assist you in organic farming and help you in harvesting the healthiest and freshest vegetables for your diet.

Between a fast busy metro city life, we welcome you to this inimitable experience where you learn farming and growing while also having fun along the way and getting to have the taste of delicious and crunchy vegetables, fruits, greens, herbs produced by your own hands.

Why Choose Us

We help you grow vegetables that are chemical-free and are grown exclusively for you.

Fastest Delivery

Our delivery services provide deliveries in Greater Noida and neighbouring cities. We make all the ends meet to make a speedy and safe delivery of vegetables to our customers just in time.

High Skill

Your produce will be grown under highly skilled farmers. Every worker at our farm is professionally skilled to perform their work in the respective field.

Proper Take Care

Freshly harvested veggies, greens, and herbs are thoroughly washed and dried in a clean environment. Proper sanitization and temperature check of workers takes place from time to time. ​

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What Our Clients Say

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Ordered my first batch of organic vegetables from this site I came across. Must say they are truly organic, vegetables were fresh, green, and clean. Delivery is timely and pretty much affordable too.​
Jahanvi Nijhawan
Travel Professional
I ordered vegetables from Horsesking Organic. And they turned out to be really fresh and crunchy! As compared to other veggies which we buy from the market - we don't get organic and fresh produce. Since eating healthy has become a lifestyle - ORGANIC PRODUCE is the right CHOICE!
Health from the Ground Up!
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Starting to grow your own food in a garden from scratch requires a lot of labour, but it usually pays off the more you grow and harvest food. Growing your food isn’t rocket science, it’s very simple. Given the benefits like being independent of transported vegetables, saving money on groceries, being environment friendly, and improving your family’s health is actually worth it. Not only this but for someone who loves being outside, this is a very fun activity to engage in with your friends and family.

You can pick to choose any food of your choice to grow organically according to your diet. From vegetables to fruits and herbs and greens; our experts and farmers will help you grow a variety of food products as per your need and the season.

Yes, growing food from scratch requires time, effort, and patience.. But that’s what we are here for. We will help you in growing and harvesting the food throughout the period. You can come and work in your garden as and when time permits. We can also harvest and deliver the produce at your home without any extra charges.

Let's Grow Our Food Together​!

We welcome you to Horsesking Organic’s unique initiative -‘GIFT Garden– Greater Noida Initiative For Tasty Garden’. Once someone said ‘Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in learning and working together.’ Going by the saying, we at Horsesking Organic have started the concept of tasty kitchen gardens where no matter- experienced or not; you can grow your own food by your own hands and experience the joy of its delectable taste. We invite you to enjoy this enthralling experience by subscribing to this initiative, all in all in a pocket friendly budget.

You Learn, You Harvest, You Eat!

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